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Eurotunnel Group, the Channel tunnel concession holder

Until 2086, Eurotunnel is the Concession holder for the Cross-Channel Fixed Link comprised of a double railway tunnel and a service tunnel bored below the Channel bed, two terminals at Coquelles (Pas-de-Calais) and Folkestone (Kent) providing access as well as a fleet of 24 shuttles for boarding tourist vehicles and lorries.


The heart of Eurotunnel's activity is therefore divided between management of the Channel tunnel infrastructure (maintenance and modernisation of the construction itself, its fixed equipment - tracks, catenary systems, terminals, etc. - and implementation of the highest safety level) and four commercial activities:


  • Operation of Passenger Shuttles transporting passengers in their vehicles (cars, buses, motorcycles, etc.) from one side of the Tunnel to the other;
  • Operation of Lorry shuttles providing the same service for lorries
  • Operation of passenger trains on its infrastructure: Currently Eurostar trains and, tomorrow, trains operated by other certified operators upon application. It is paid by tolls.
  • Operation of freight trains on its infrastructure. This activity is also paid by tolls.


The intrinsic characteristics of the Channel tunnel, the longest underwater construction of this type in the world, provides it with unique competitive advantages assuring its commercial success: it is the most rapid means of crossing the Pas-de-Calais strait, the most respectful of the environment, the most fluid and it remains operational in all weather.


In 15 years of operation, Eurotunnel has transported over 250 million passengers in the Channel tunnel as well as almost 230 million tons of freight, which makes it the world leader in road-rail transfers, proof that this land route has become a vital link between the United Kingdom and the continent.


Eurotunnel Group has an ambitious strategy associating the development of its main activity, cross-Channel transport, and external growth via its Europorte subsidiary, beyond the Tunnel, in its two major activities and areas of expertise: Infrastructure management and railway operations, promising markets due to the growing importance of environmental constraints.

Eurotunnel, a value for the future, is establishing a group benefiting from the characteristics of infrastructure concession holders - especially significant recurrent cash-flows.

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